If you desire a lifetime of ministry, we offer multiple ways to get you there.

Many of the following degrees are flexible. You can live on campus, take classes at an extension, receive your degree online, or some combination of each. You can begin with a certificate and end with a doctorate. Whatever it takes to help you succeed, our programs are designed to meet you where you are and to equip you for a lifetime of ministry.

Our approach is not random. Each degree has been carefully crafted, because uneven knowledge and a loose foundation lead to unfruitful ministry and burnout. Our faculty is focused and experienced at helping students construct sustainable ministry.

If you long for a deeper understanding of Scripture, our professors stand ready to guide you. If you recognize that sustainable ministry comes only from a whole-person approach to growing in faith, our community creates a deeper relationship with Christ.

Let’s talk. We can help you figure out if seminary is right for you and if Covenant can help you on your journey to a lifetime of ministry.

Formats Explained

Residential: On-Campus  Hybrid: Online & On-Campus  Fully Online: Online