A Living, Learning, Worshiping Community of Grace

We have found that nothing can really substitute for life-on-life ministry preparation within the context of a living, learning, worshiping community of grace. From bi-weekly chapel services and ministry lunches on relevant ministry topics, to occasional picnics, twice-yearly Days of Prayer, a host of student organizations, and weekly Covenant and Cohort Groups, our campus life is all about providing opportunities to learn and grow together both in and out of the classroom.

Building Deep Relationships

Relationships are the heart of the Christian life and the basis of effective gospel ministry. Deep and lasting relationships leading to gospel transformation can only be fostered in a community steeped in grace and focused on Christ.

Nurturing Gospel-Centered Community

Campus life is geared toward nurturing growth in gospel-centered community through many avenues that bring students, faculty, staff, and families together in creative, challenging, and life-changing ways.

Fostering Personal Transformation

Through Cohort and Covenant Groups (small groups led by trained staff facilitators), one-on-one time with faculty outside of class, free on-campus counseling services, ministry internships, community service projects, and much more, the Lord will use your time at Covenant to mold and shape you for his ministry purposes.

Participating in God‘s Mission

At Covenant, students learn to see themselves and their stories as part of God's larger story and mission for bringing the good news of the gospel and Christ's redeeming love to everyone, everywhere—and in every area of life—all the time.