The Thistle

Covenant Seminary and Christian Heritage Partner for English Reformation Course

The Lordship of Christ Over All of Life

Westminster College, Cambridge, UK
June 26 – 30, 2017

Presented by

Christian Heritage Summer School of Theology and Culture


Covenant Theological Seminary

The Course

Christian Heritage Summer School of Theology and Culture and Covenant Theological Seminary invite you to this week-long course celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The course will explore the impact of the Reformation for its time and ours, while looking at the interwoven reality of theology and cultural apologetics. Highlights include:

  • Learn how the Reformation shaped nations through the renewed view of Scripture and the role of preaching.
  • Discover how the Reformation greatly influenced science, government, education, social reform, economics, art, and other areas of human endeavor.
  • See how the Lorship of Christ over all of life permeated society as the founding pillar for Europe.
  • Explore how Christians today have the responsibility to engage the wider culture, and what a robust, gospel-oreniented Reformation might look like today for the church and society.

The Tour

The course also offers a Reformation Tour. Cambridge is the birthplace of the English Reformation through key persons such as Latimer, Tyndale, Ridley, Bilney, Cramner, and others. It is also the location of the room where Erasmus translated the Latin Vulgate into Greek—which Luther used to start the Reformation. Other signifact historical locations include:

  • The White Horse Inn
  • Great St. Mary’s Church, where Luther’s works were burned
  • St. Edward’s Church, where the first sermon of the English Reformation was preached
  • Several colleges that were home to many Puritans

Two Study Options

Participants can choose one of two special study tracks: Theology or Apologetics. Each track features speakers from a wide range of specialties. Students in both tracks will also benefit from our evening plenary sessions that are designed to help you engage with the course as a whole and feature speakers from both complementary tracks.

More Information

More details and registration information will be available soon.

See more at the Christian Heritage/Reformation500 site.