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MARC Degree Offers Two Tracks for Engaging Culture and Discipleship

What does it take to minister the gospel effectively in cross-cultural or international contexts? How can you help to make fruitful disciples for Christ across racial, ethnic, socio-economic, and religious barriers? Covenant Seminary’s Master of Arts in Religion and Cultures (MARC) degree is designed to prepare students to do just that.

Through an emphasis on missional discipleship—the making of and living as disciples of Jesus Christ within the larger context of God’s redemptive mission to the culture and the world—the degree equips students to engage with and minister in a variety of cultural contexts in light of the challenges of globalization, urbanization, and religious pluralism.

Two Degree Tracks

The MARC offers two degree track options. Both tracks cover the same essential core material but each also provides a more detailed focus on a specific concentration area.

  • The CMI Missional Discipleship Track, offered in conjunction with our City Ministry Initiative (CMI), prepares students for the particular challenges involved in ministering the gospel in city/urban settings.
  • The FSI Cultural Apologetics Track, offered in conjunction with our Francis A. Schaeffer Institute (FSI), gives students the tools for developing a deeper understanding of the culture(s) around us to communicate the gospel more effectively.

Fellowship Opportunities

The MARC program also is able, through the generosity of our donors, to offer up to 8 Fellowships in each MARC track per year. These MARC Fellowships include a tuition scholarship of up to 50 percent and the opportunity to serve a wide-ranging, practical ministry internship with either CMI or FSI, or approved affiliate ministries, depending on the student’s degree track.

Each fellowship includes a ministry practicum group. The CMI Missional Discipleship practicum group is mentored by Dr. Greg Perry, Director of the City Ministry Initiative and Associate Professor of New Testament. The FSI Cultural Apologetics practicum group is mentored by Prof. Mark Ryan, Director of the Francis A. Schaeffer Institute.

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