The Thistle

Library Acquisitions for July 2016

Leading off the July acquisitions list is a recording from the 2016 L’Abri Rochester Conference, Finding Truth: Apologetics in a Secular Age, held in February. The session is “Beyond Fact and Faith: Being a Confident Believer in a Scientific World” by Covenant alumnus and Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Wheaton College, A.J. Poelarends.

This workshop is about the confusion that arises when we apply scientific epistemology to other fields of study. I will argue that the default scientific epistemology (rationalism, foundationalism, certainty) is misguided in itself and should be replaced by a more holistic epistemology that acknowledges other forms of knowledge beyond that gathered by science, and that an epistemology that is based on biblical/covenantal truth can account for reality and human experience better than other theories of knowledge. This gives hope and confidence to those who struggle with issues of science and faith, and hopefully also challenges those think the default epistemological position has no alternative.

Another session from that conference also added to the library’s collection is “Sexual Freedom, Gender Equality and Rape Culture” by Covenant’s own Richard Winter.

There is an alarming incidence of rape in American colleges. Few are reported and very few rapists are convicted. How do cultural attitudes to women, sex, alcohol, power, money and truth contribute to this deeply disturbing phenomenon?

As we head deeper into election season, take a look at Twenty Messages to Consider before Voting edited and introduced by David W. Hall.

These messages span from 1744-1793. Each is introduced by Dr. David Hall and includes a portrait of the preacher and excerpts from the sermon. At the end of each sermon description are references on where to find the complete sermon.

Steven C. Walker, Professor of English at Brigham Young University, writes Illuminating Humor of the Bible. Chapters include “‘Peter Stood at the Door Knocking’: Slapstick in Acts” and “‘A Ruddy Countenance’: David as Trickster”.

Lastly, don’t miss A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old Testament: The Gospel Promised edited by Miles V. Van Pelt, and A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the New Testament: The Gospel Realized edited by Michael J. Kruger. Both are comprised of contributions from the faculty of Reformed Theological Seminary, including John Currid, Mark Futato, Richard Belcher, Richard Pratt, Reggie Kidd, Guy Prentiss Waters, and Simon Kistemaker.