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Highlights from The Expository Times – Buswell Library Select Items

Expository Times (October 2012)The October issue of The Expository Times (vol. 124, no. 1) recently arrived in the Library. Here are some highlights:

Duke Divinity’s Ellen F. Davis writes “Witnessing to God in the Midst of Life: Old Testament Preaching,” which notes that the “Bible is rigorously realistic in its representations of human character, the conditions and contingencies of life in this world.” Preaching the OT therefore should aim “to invite Christians to grow toward spiritual maturity in circumstances that are always less than ideal.” Such preaching “may enable both preacher and hearers to enter into the biblical story in ways that open up a complex and faithful moral vision.” Read the full article [students & staff only]

Edinburgh’s Graeme Auld writes “Norman Porteous and Germany: For Rudolf Smend in Göttingen at 80.” The focus is extensive Porteous correspondence with German scholars over many years (Porteous lived from 1898 to 2003). Read the full article [students & staff only]

“Habakkuk: A Guide to Prayer” is by K. Rochester, who finds “through the twists and turns of the prophet’s prayer journey…a model to inspire our own.” Read the full article [students & staff only]

William Gurnall’s The Christian in Complete Armour, reprinted (from its 1865 edition) by Hendrickson in 2011, receives a favorable review. Little is known about Pastor Gurnall, but this work runs to 1,195 pages and was originally issued in 3 volumes (1655, 1658, & 1662). The Latin is translated and “unusual dialect terms” explained. Read the review [students & staff only]

Read the whole issue online [students & staff only]