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Covenant Seminary Alumni and Faculty Present Training Seminars at 45th General Assembly

Many Covenant Seminary alumni (and a few faculty members) are leading seminars at the PCA’s 45th General Assembly, June 12 – 16, 2017, in Greensboro, North Carolina. If you’ll be attending GA this year, you might want to check out a few of them. Sample topics and presenters are listed below. See a full list of seminars, speakers, dates, and times online.

  • Alan Avera (DMin ’05) with Barry Cooper: “Why Evangelism Fails to Connect in Our Culture and What to Do about It.”
  • Kevin Ball (MDiv ’05): “Patriarch vs. Caliph: Christian-Muslim Apologetics from 781 AD”
  • Robert Burns (MDiv ’77): “Pastor Sabbaticals:  Proposing, Planning, and Funding”
  • Stephen Estock (MDiv ’95) and Jake Bennett (MDiv, MAC ’12): “Ministry for an Aging Population”
  • Dan Doriani, Vice President of Strategic Academic Initiatives and Professor of Practical Theology: “Friends and Mentors: A Forgotten Aspect of the Reformation”
  • Ellen Dykas (MA ’99): “Practical Help and Gospel Hope for Hurting Wives”
  • Stephen Estock (MDiv ’95) with Sue Jakes: “Parenting in the Fishbowl: Raising Covenant Children in the Church”
  • Ed Eubanks (MDiv ’06): “Pastoral PTSD: What’s Going On?”
  • Aaron Layton (MDiv ’08): “Dear White Christian: What Every White Christian Needs to Know about Black Christians in America”
  • Stephen Estock (MDiv ’95) and Danny Mitchell (MDiv ’07): “‘Almost Christianity’ Revisited”
  • Michael Osborne (MDiv ’86): “Surviving Ministry: How to Weather the Storms of Church Leadership”
  • Bill Pence (MATS ’14): Helping Our People Connect Their Faith to Their Work and Callings”
  • George Robertson (MDiv ’91, ThM ’97) with Sylvester Brown:If Diversity Can Happen in Old First Pres, It Can Happen Anywhere! A Tale of God’s Faithfulness and Practical Tips for Pursuing Diversity in an Established Majority Culture Church”
  • Carl Ellis with Jonathan Seda (DMin ’02): “An Invitation to Listen, Respond, and Connect”