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Studies in Leviticus


We often struggle with the book of Leviticus because it does not seem relevant to us. Learn why Leviticus is important and how its laws, regulations, and ceremonies teach us not only about our sin, but also about God’s amazing plan of redemption through Christ.

Dr. Jay Sklar


Studies in Leviticus —

Dr. Jay Sklar
  1. [Lecture 3] - The Burnt Offering — Dr. Jay Sklar
  2. [Lecture 4] - The Grain Offering — Dr. Jay Sklar
  3. [Lecture 5] - Purity and Impurity — Dr. Jay Sklar
  4. [Lecture 6] - Curious Laws in Leviticus — Dr. Jay Sklar
  5. [Lecture 7] - Fellowship Offering — Dr. Jay Sklar