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Studies in Judges


Who were the judges found in the book of Judges? What was their purpose? This course highlights several judges in the Old Testament and why they were necessary. Learn how their acts of deliverance reveal God’s mercy and love for his rebellious people, as well as the importance of passing on knowledge of the Lord to the next generation.

Dr. Jay Sklar


Studies in Judges —

Dr. Jay Sklar
  1. [Lecture 3] - The Story of Deborah, Jael, and Barak — Dr. Jay Sklar
  2. [Lecture 4] - The Story of Gideon (Part I) — Dr. Jay Sklar
  3. [Lecture 5] - The Story of Gideon (Part II) — Dr. Jay Sklar
  4. [Lecture 6] - The Story of Jephthah — Dr. Jay Sklar