Dates: June 26-30, 2017

Christian Heritage Cambridge


Celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Covenant Theological Seminary and Christian Heritage, Cambridge, are partnering to deliver a weeklong course on the history and continuing relevance of the Reformation this summer in Cambridge, England. Those taking the course will have the opportunity to stay at Westminster College, Cambridge, attend plenary sessions at the historic Round Church, participate in a Reformation Tour of Cambridge, the birthplace of the English Reformation.

Course Description


Taught by Covenant Seminary professors Dr. Dan Doriani and Dr. Jack Collins, as well as Covenant Seminary graduate and Cambridge PhD student, Arthur Keefer, the course will explore the theological significance of the Reformation from historical and contemporary perspectives. After building an understanding of the Reformation’s social and theological setting and the lives and beliefs of key reformers, Dr. Collins will examine the hermeneutics of Scripture and Dr. Doriani will discuss expository preaching – two great inheritances of the Protestant Reformation – with additional reflections on the Lordship of Christ in science and social reform.

Additionally, Mr. Keefer will discuss Islam’s reformational values in the Koran, such as God’s rule over all of life and missiology, and will discuss the differences between Christianity and Islam’s application of such values. Mr. Keefer will also compare and contrast Christian and Islamic theologies of societal reformation with contemporary examples.

Additional Benefits

Christian Heritage Summer School

The course is part of Christian Heritage’s Summer School, a longstanding program for which Covenant Seminary professors have taught for many years. In addition to the course lectures at Westminster College, participants will also have opportunity to attend three evening plenary sessions in the historic Round Church, home to Christian Heritage. The Summer School also includes a Christian Heritage Reformation Tour. Cambridge is the birthplace of the English Reformation, producing key figures as Latimer, Tyndale, Ridley, Bilney, and Cramner. Other significant historical locations include The White Horse Inn, Great St. Mary’s Church where Luther’s works were burned, and St. Edward’s Church where the first sermon of the English Reformation was preached.

The Venue

The Beauty Of Westminster

For several years now Westminster College has provided the ideal venue for Christian Heritage’s Summer School. A theological college affiliated with Cambridge University, Westminster College has served as a place for people to think through their faith and train for ministry since 1844.

A location providing great beauty as well as convenience, everything at Westminster is less than a three-minute walk away, with lodging, lecture rooms, the chapel sharing a building with the beautiful dining hall, where high quality meals cooked by Westminster chefs are served.

What’s more, based at Westminster, course participants can enjoy all that Cambridge has to offer – majestic colleges and chapels, a lively market square, punting on the river, the Fitzwilliam Museum, and the historic Round Church.

The Cost

Residential & Non-Residential

If a student wishes to take the course for credit, fees and tuition are due to both Christian Heritage and Covenant Theological Seminary. If a student would like to participate but not take the course for credit, that student owes fees and tuition to Christian Heritage alone. Please note that neither textbooks nor travel expenses are included in the costs listed.

Student Residential
  • Covenant Theological Seminary Application Fee – $50
  • Covenant Theological Seminary Term Fees – $60
  • Covenant Theological Seminary Tuition – $990 $594 (40% discount applied to this course)
  • Christian Heritage Tuition, Fees, and Lodging – £780 (register by February 28 and get a 10% discount)
  • (Rooms at Westminster are limited, so you’ll need to book early for first come, first serve.)
  • Total Costs for Tuition, Fees, and Lodging: Approximately $1680 or £1340
Standard Non-Residential
  • Covenant Theological Seminary Application Fee – $50
  • Covenant Theological Seminary Term Fees – $60
  • Covenant Theological Seminary Tuition – $990 $594 (40% discount applied to this course)
  • Christian Heritage Tuition and Fees – £445 (register by February 28 and get a 10% discount)
  • (Includes lunches, evening meals and refreshments.)
  • Total Costs for Tuition and Fees: Approximately $1,260 or £1010

Additional Information

Course Credits

This course is a 2-hour course that can be applied as a free elective to Covenant Theological Seminary’s MDiv, MAEM, and MARC degree programs, or as a systematic theology elective to Covenant Seminary’s MATS and the MAET degree programs. However, one does not have to declare a degree to take this course for credit.

What Students Need To Do To Take The Course For Covenant Theological Seminary Credit:
  • 1) Fill out an application form for Christian Heritage through this website. You will need the email of a pastoral reference to complete your application. Apply Here
  • 2) After you fill out an application form for Christian Heritage, someone from Christian Heritage will get back to you. They will provide details about references, lodging, and payment (due 1 month after acceptance on to the course).
When Filling Out The Application, Keep The Following In Mind:
  • If you are not yet sure if you want to pursue a degree at Covenant, choose “Non-degree” under degrees. The theology course can be applied to all of the degrees except the MAC, the ThM, and the DMin at a later time.
  • If you are interested in pursuing a degree through Covenant, choose the appropriate degree. Keep in mind that the only degree that can be pursued without relocating to St. Louis is the MA (Theological Studies), also known as the MATS.
  • If you have questions about pursuing a degree through Covenant Seminary, an admissions representative would be happy to talk with you. Just email or call 1-314-434-4044.
  • In the Start Date box, put Summer 2017 as the start date. Put “online” as the completion to the phrase, “I plan to attend…” We realize that you do not necessarily plan to take any online courses, but this will help us know that you are not planning to come to the St. Louis campus. That is, unless, you are planning to attend the St. Louis campus very soon. If that’s the case, choose that option.
  • Under referrals, put “Christian Heritage” in the “Whom Can We Thank” box. This will signal to us that you are planning to take this course in Cambridge.