How To: Format & Submit Your Thesis or Dissertation

Before submitting your thesis or dissertation for final approval, it will have to meet the Library’s formatting specifications. These specifications are designed to meet the general standards of academic professionalism and the technical requirements for binding.

After your thesis or dissertation has received final approval, you must submit it to the Covenant library so that it can be cataloged, listed in worldwide research databases, and made available to be borrowed by other students and researchers.

Theses and dissertations must be submitted electronically as a PDF file to Steve Jamieson in the library (, 314-392-4102), and must be accompanied by:

Creating a PDF: Windows users can use free software such as PDFCreator. Mac users can use the built-in print-to-PDF functionality.

Bound copies for you: If you would like to obtain bound hard copies of your thesis or dissertation, you may do so by using our bindery’s Thesis on Demand service.