pillar 2: Students

the need

To identify and resource the next generation of world-class faculty who will train our future church leaders

the vision

Establish permanent faculty funding to recruit and retain the next generation of pastor-scholars

the opportunity


  • Provide permanent funding for faculty positions in the face of economic shifts
  • Provide strategic resources for faculty to spend more time researching and publishing for the benefit of the local and global church
  • Enhance our ability to be competitive in recruiting and retaining the next generation of professors

PILLAR 2: The Goal



Kevin Twit


There is something valuable about submitting to wise mentors who know what you need to be equipped for pastoral ministry. At Covenant Seminary, I and many others have been mentored by godly leaders who have been there. It has made a huge difference in my ministry.


Why now?

As Covenant prepares for times to come, a key concern is the well-being of our professors, present and future. One of our professors teaches around 300 students every year. In the next 10 years, over half of our staff will reach retirement age. It is essential that we prepare well for this reality.

faculty facts

  • Covenant seminary currently has 18 full-time professors
  • 13 faculty members contributed to the ESV Study Bible
  • Before joining our faculty, professors have 9+ years of pastoral experience on average
  • Our current faculty have published 50+ books
  • 100% of our faculty actively serve the church through avenues such as teaching at conferences, contributing to publications, and leading at churches

the impact of our faculty

REV. JOE NOVENSON, Seminary supporter

Professorships to be completed

  • Francis A. Schaeffer Chair of Apologetics
  • ‍Rayburn Preaching Chair
  • ‍Chair of World Missions and Evangelism
  • ‍Professor of Counseling
  • Professor of Theology
  • ‍Professor of Old Testament
  • Professor of New Testament


first fruits

Seminary Establishes Philip and Rebecca Douglass Chair of Church Planting and Christian Formation

Covenant Seminary this fall established The Philip and Rebecca Douglass Chair of Church Planting and Christian Formation. Named for the Seminary’s esteemed church planting expert and Professor of Applied Theology Dr. Phil Douglass and his wife, Rebecca, the endowed faculty chair is funded through Covenant’s Hope for the Future capital campaign, which aims to support and resource seminary training for the next generation of pastors and church leaders. Dr. Douglass himself will be the first to hold the chair as he completes his final year of full-time teaching at Covenant before transitioning in July 2018 to the role of director of church planting for the Missouri Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

The Douglass Chair honors the Douglasses for their many years of church planting leadership in the PCA and for their dedicated service to and care for Covenant’s students, alumni, and their spouses over the last 30 years. It is also a response to the need within the PCA and the broader church for increased emphasis on training and sustaining church planters who are equipped to lead new congregations of God’s people in the midst of shifting cultural paradigms.

Dr. Mark Dalbey, President of Covenant Seminary, said, “We can think of no better way to express our gratitude to the Douglass’s for their many years of faithful service than by naming this chair after them and appointing Phil to it for his final year with us. We look forward to seeing how God will continue to use them—through their legacy at Covenant and through Phil’s upcoming work with Missouri Presbytery—to further advance his church and Kingdom. We are grateful as well for the ministry partners who helped us establish this chair. Their generosity greatly enhances our ability to prepare future generations of leaders for the uniquely challenging work of planting new churches.”

On hearing of his appointment to the new chair, Dr. Douglass said, “Rebecca and I are pleased and humbled by this tremendous honor. It has been the joy of our lives to serve and shape those who in turn bring the gospel to new areas of need. We are grateful for the Seminary’s ongoing commitment to preparing church planters and are excited to see how the Lord will use those trained here to continue building his church.”

Dr. Douglass planted multiple churches in both Washington, DC, and St. Louis, and supervised, assisted with, or consulted on many more plants around the country. He was instrumental in establishing the Atlanta-based Church Planting Assessment Center for the PCA’s Mission to North America (MNA) and served as chairman of both the PCA’s MNA National Committee and the MNA Committee of Missouri Presbytery for many years. Throughout his career, he has helped to identify, evaluate, and mentor hundreds of church planters. He and Rebecca devote much of their time to helping students and their families recognize and pursue their particular spiritual gifts and ministry callings.