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A student of the late Francis A. Schaeffer, Professor Barrs joined the Seminary faculty in 1989 after 18 years with L’Abri Fellowship in England, where he also served as a pastor in the International Presbyterian Church. Upon his return to St. Louis, Professor Barrs helped to plant a PCA church in the city.

Professor Barrs brings to his teaching a special sensitivity toward those outside the Christian faith and is in great demand as a speaker in the United States and abroad. Other interests include the arts and literature. His publications include Being Human, Shepherds and Sheep, Who Are the Peacemakers?, The Great Rescue, The Heart of Evangelism, Through His Eyes, Learning Evangelism from Jesus, The Heart of Prayer, and Echoes of Eden (forthcoming), as well as the video series Building Up Bridges, Breaking Down Walls.

Professor Barrs and his wife, Vicki, have three sons and seven grandchildren.

BA [English Language and Literature]

University of Manchester

Manchester, UK


Covenant Theological Seminary

St. Louis, MO