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A native of Canada, Dr. Sklar has led youth and children’s ministries in both church and camp settings and is a frequent speaker at church and college events. Dr. Sklar has a keen interest in developing theological education overseas, serving on the Seminary’s International Partnerships Committee and teaching overseas.

Dr. Sklar’s doctoral studies focused on the theology of sin, impurity, sacrifice, and atonement in the Old Testament sacrificial system, resulting in the book Sin, Impurity, Sacrifice, Atonement: The Priestly Conceptions. Dr. Sklar also served as a partial contributor and editor of Leviticus notes for the ESV Study Bible. He recently released a commentary on Leviticus for the Tyndale Old Testament Commentary Series (InterVarsity Press).

Dr. Sklar’s work on the book of Leviticus includes:

BA [Philosophy]

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

South Hamilton, MA

PhD [Old Testament Studies]

University of Gloucestershire

Cheltenham, England