Master of Arts in Exegetical Theology



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The MAET is an academic and research degree that prepares students pursuing academic leadership for advanced study at the doctoral level, usually in either the Old or New Testaments. Requiring extensive immersion in the original languages of Scripture, the two-year program combines work in biblical and systematic theology with studies in the history and heritage of Christianity and culminates in the writing of a thesis.

Distinctives of the MAET
Covenant Seminary’s MAET provides the opportunity to delve deeply into the study of the biblical texts and enhance one’s understanding of the Scriptures. Supplemented with some study of Christian heritage, students use biblical exegesis to produce a thesis, honing and showcasing their skills for further academic study.

Exegetical Study
The MAET requires students to learn and demonstrate proficiency in Greek and Hebrew. Students are supervised in their study of the Bible in its original languages to help them develop the necessary tools for in-depth exegesis and hermeneutical analysis. Prospective students are encouraged to study Greek or Hebrew prior to enrolling at Covenant Seminary. Students who have not previously studied Greek or Hebrew will likely need to add six more credit hours to the normal degree requirements (see the Degree Plan for the MAET).

The MAET is Covenant Seminary’s only entry-level degree that requires students to produce a thesis. As such, the MAET is excellent preparation for students who desire to pursue further academic study in the New or Old Testaments or systematic theology. The MAET trains students in research and writing skills and gives them a completed thesis to submit with applications for doctoral study.


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