Clinically Focused. Biblically Grounded.

The Master of Arts in Counseling program at Covenant Seminary exists to equip counselors with the foundations and skills to help people thrive in a complex world.

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A Transforming Experience for Growth

As a result of successfully completing the graduate program in counseling, students can expect to have gained didactic knowledge and supervised experience in skills, functions, beliefs and characteristics of effective counseling.

Spiritual Foundation

Counseling that is shaped and informed by the Bible.

Counseling Theory

Knowledge of major counseling theories in the context of individual and group counseling.

Professional Identity

Training to provide counseling services within ethical guidelines.

Shaping Your Gifts In Helping Others

“I always knew there was something for me to do with my life to help people.”

The MAC Experience

The MAC program gives students a transforming experience that provides a breadth and depth when it comes to the requirements in counseling training. Learn about the 3-year sequence for students.

Application Process

Make sure you have what you need in order to have a smooth application process. Our Admissions staff is also available to answer any questions that you may have.

Counseling Department Resources

Practicum & Internship

Documents & info for those going into their final semesters of the MAC.

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Free Counseling Services

Counseling provided by the MAC department and its committed students.

Detailed Numbers

Take a look at a detailed report of our Master of Arts in Counseling program. Here you will find in-depth numbers about the program: faculty, students, graduation and placement rates and more.


In Missouri

The MAC has been designed to meet the educational requirements of the Missouri Committee for Professional Counselors for state licensure.

After graduation, students are prepared to continue forward with the required additional hours of supervised, post-degree counseling under a licensed professional supervisor. The Counseling Department provides career guidance and resources for finding supervisors and job placements.

Click below to see how Covenant’s curriculum matches up with the Missouri requirements to become a licensed counselor.

In Other States

Licensure requirements vary widely by state, including required graduate-level classes, internship hours during graduate school and post-degree requirements.

If you plan to practice outside of Missouri, please check the state-specific information available on the web for each state’s licensing department or bureau. We can use this information to help you create a customized plan for MAC courses to be taken at Covenant Seminary or partner institutions in St. Louis.

Click below for a brief portability analysis of how each state’s licensure requirements match with Covenant’s degree.

We surveyed 48 counseling internship site supervisors and employers.


said they would hire Covenant Seminary graduates.


of those who have hired Covenant graduates said they would do so again.


would like to have Covenant students as interns or practicum students again.


The MAC degree has been crafted to be aligned with the Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs (CACREP) while remaining rooted in biblical integration and theology. We have now submitted our self-study to CACREP and our status is in process (see here). There is no guarantee of accreditation, but if the program is accredited by CACREP, students graduating within the 18 months preceding CACREP accreditation would be considered as having graduated from a CACREP-accredited program.

Program Requirements: Accredited Bachelor’s Degree, with minimum 3.0 GPA

Covenant Theological Seminary is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The institution has been approved under Commission policy to offer all its degree programs.


Higher Learning Commission,
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Covenant Theological Seminary is also accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, and the following degree programs are approved: MA in Worship and Music, MA in Religion and Culture, Master of Divinity, MA in Educational Ministry, MA in Counseling, MA (Exegetical Theology), MA (Theological Studies), Doctor of Ministry, Master of Theology. The Seminary is approved for a Comprehensive Distance Education Program.


The Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada,
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