We Care About Our Alumni

Just as our Admissions and Student Life staff are here to help you through the process of entering into and adjusting to life during seminary, our Alumni Relations staff is committed to walking alongside you as you seek your first call after graduation—and even beyond, as you consider other transitions throughout your ministry. We offer a variety of resources and personalized assistance to help encourage and sustain you.

Annual Lecture Series

The Seminary hosts several annual lecture series, such as the Covenant Seminary Preaching Lectures, the Harrington Counseling Lectures, and the Francis Schaeffer Lectures, along with a student-led Theological Conference. Many of them are free and open to the public. These helpful resources also help you stay connected to Covenant.

Audit Courses At Reduced Fees

Want to audit a course to brush up on an important theological topic or dig deeper into church history? Covenant alumni and their spouses may audit a wide range of approved seminary courses for the low audit fee of $48 per credit hour. Contact our Admissions office to find out more.