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The J. Oliver Buswell Jr. Library
Circulation Policies
Loan Periods & Policies

After you’ve collected the items that you would like to check out from the Library shelves, bring them to the circulation desk at the entrance to the Library. Present your Library card (student ID) to the staff member on duty (feel free to ring the bell if no one is at the desk), and then we’ll take it from there. Here’s how long materials check out, and what we charge if they’re turned in late.

Regular Materials

Material Type Loan Period Renewals Overdue Fines
Books, Audio, Video 3 weeks Twice (3 weeks each) 5¢ per day for the first two weeks and then 25¢ per day thereafter
MOBIUS Books 3 weeks Twice (3 weeks each) None (but note the large replacement and billing fees below)
New Books 1 week None $1 per day
Small Lockers 3 weeks None 5¢ per day for the first two weeks and then 25¢ per day thereafter

Note: Items that have been recalled will be assessed an additional 25¢ in fines per day while overdue.


The total number of items you can check out depends on your relation to the Seminary. The following table lists these limits. The Library does not have separate limits for the various material types (e.g., books, videos, CDs, etc.).

Patron Type Item Limit
Covenant Seminary Students 25
Covenant Seminary Faculty/Staff 100
Covenant Seminary Alumni 20
PCA/EPC/OPC Ministers 15
PCA/EPC/OPC Church Members 15
General Community Members 15
Info-Pass 6 (3 per visit)

Billing for Replacement

If an item has been overdue for a significant period of time, the Library considers it lost and a bill for replacement and processing will be sent.

  • The default replacement charge is $100 per item; however, this charge will be manually adjusted to reflect the actual replacement cost after the Library staff have had time to determine current market value.
  • The processing fee is $10 per item from Covenant, and $20 per item from MOBIUS.

If the item is returned within a reasonable time after it has been billed, the replacement charge will be removed. In addition, the fee may be reduced:

  • For MOBIUS materials, the $20 fee will remain per MOBIUS policy.
  • For reserve materials and new books, the $10 fee will remain and will serve as the total overdue fine.
  • For all other Covenant materials, the fee will be reduced to $5 and will serve as the total overdue fine.

Reserve Materials

Course reserves comprise many of the required and optional readings for the current semester's classes—often from the books and other resources that students are not required to buy. In order to ensure that every student in a class has access to the necessary materials, items on course reserve only check out for short periods of time—a couple hours, overnight, or perhaps a few days. The professors determine what is placed on reserve and how long the check-out period should be (taking into account the size of the class and the length of the reading).

Items that are on reserve are marked as such in the Library catalog. The catalog also contains a list of items on reserve for each class. You can search for reserve lists by class name or number, or by the name of your instructor.

The course reserves are shelved behind the circulation desk at the entrance to the Library. A Library staff member will be glad to help you get the materials that you need. Make sure that you bring your student ID when coming to the Library to use reserve materials. Even if you don't plan on leaving the Library, items on reserve cannot leave the circulation desk without being checked out.

Reserve Type Due Back Renewals Overdue Fines
1 Hour 1 hour from checkout Once (1 hour) 50¢ per hour
2 Hour 2 hours from checkout Once (1 hour) 50¢ per hour
3 Hour 3 hours from checkout Once (1 hour) 50¢ per hour
Overnight 1 hour after the Library opens the next day None 50¢ per hour
2 Day Any time before closing 2 days later None $2 per day
3 Day Any time before closing 3 days later None $2 per day
1 Week Any time before closing 1 week later None $2 per day

For hourly reserve items, if the loan period extends past the Library’s closing time, the loan is automatically extended to 1 hour after the Library opens the next day.


Please note that you may only check out up to 2 hourly reserve items and 2 overnight/multi-day reserve items at a time.

Other Materials

Item Details
Large (Rental) Lockers Rented on a semester-by-semester basis. Rental fees are prorated according to time left in the semester. See Library staff for full details and current prices.
Digital Audio/Voice Recorders Loaned for free as a 3-day reserve (see details above).